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Friday, December 18, 2009

SPACE events planned at different locations across India

SPACE events planned at different locations:

1Eclipse workshop by Jay Pasachoff 
at Nehru Planetarium on 11th Jan, 2010 (TENTATIVE)
Jointly hosted by SPACE and Nehru Planetarium

2. Public Eclipse Watch on 15th Jan 2010, at Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu
A public watch is planned on 15th Jan at Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu. The SPACE team will organize and guide the public watch. They will set up telescopes for viewing and provide solar goggles.

3. Public Eclipse Watch on 15th Jan 2010 in Delhi
A SPACE team will organize and guide a public watch. They will set up telescopes for viewing and provide solar goggles. Locations will be announced later.

4. Experiments/Activities  for SNCs and SPACE schools for ASE 
Photographing the sun at Max annularity
Mass observations
Physical experiments

5. Scientific Observing at Varkala Beach, Kerala
SPACE Science Team will be present along with school principals, selected students and school coordinators for eclipse observations. Scientific experiments, Astro Photography and public skywatches will be conducted by the team. Observations and Activities include:

a. Mass public observation will be conducted at the venue.

b. Photographic Experiments to be conducted by the SPACE Scientific team:
  • ASE in one Frame using Digital Camera (Canon 450D with fisheye)
  • Long focal length, Main eclipse photography (william optics on orion mount with canon 500D)
  • Video of eclipse through the PST and high resolution webcam
  • Video of the Annularity using webcam attached to meade finder and handycam
  • Shadow sharpening photos
  • Crescents and Annularity through pinholes, trees, pictures, sieve using sony digital camera
c. Suggested Physical Experiments include:
  • Visual Contact Timings (C1, C2, C3, C4)
  • Measuring Sky Brightness
  • LDR + Multimeter
  • Temperature of water, soil and air at different heights
  • Humidity measurement
  • Wind Speed measurement at different heights
  • Finding Ratio of Sun and Moon During Annularity - Photographic
  • Shadow Sharpening
Please support these efforts and help us make this event a success.

For more information contact:
Mila Mitra, Scientific Officer, 9971641274
Shikha Chanana, Coordinator Outreach Events, 9212669953

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